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" Two months ago, an ophthalmologist examined my eyes and quickly recommend surgery for removal of "Mature Cataracts". After hearing that Miracle II Neutralizer could remove cataracts, I began putting 2 drops into each eye twice a day, for 3 weeks. Yesterday my optometrist examined me solely for cataracts, and said that they were so small I had nothing to be concerned about for the next 30 years!" more

Carl Robertson

"For the last 3 years I've been unable to work because of "Fibromyalgia". The pain was so severe I hardly sleep in 3 years and wanted to give up! Now that I'm using the Miracle II products, I'm 99% pain free and have returned to work." This is truly a miracle from God. more
Gretchen Bliss



I have something to share with all of you. I think it is pretty incredible.

I have a 4 year history of Barrette's Esophagus. By medical standards it is incurable. It can be controlled with medication to prevent the reflux of acid from the stomach. Each year, I have a gastroscopy for screening and biopsies taken. There are two types of tissue that can be found on the biopsy. Metaplasia and dysplasia. Dysplasia is what you do not want to have. It is the stage of going into cancer, as I understand it.

I went for my gastroscopy a week ago Friday. I got the results of the biopsy this past week. It said the following: Chronic mild inflammation, benign squamous cell mucosa and METAPLASIA NOT FOUND. This is the first time in 5 years, it has not been found. Now I don't know for sure if that means I don't have the Barrette's anymore or not. I have been unable to talk to my doctor personally, just the office nurse. I hope to be able to catch him when he does rounds at the hospital this next week to verify that. If anyone can talk to a doctor in the mean time, I would be interested in what they have to say about this. Well, I am singing praises anyway. I don't have the metaplasia and that is sure a plus. I am thanking God for His answer to 5 years of prayer and His gift of our Miracle 2 to us.

My bath water has been slightly cloudy and the residual in the tub, slightly grayish for the past 5-6 months. When I drained the tub this morning after the water sitting for two days, the gray has darkened and there is a med brown color with it. I am detoxing more now. I am doing 2-3 baths a week and taking 2 tbsps of neutralizer twice a day in a beverage. Oh, one more thing, when I did laundry with the laundry ball today, I added just a bit of green soap. I swear to you, my clothes were even brighter than without using the soap too. Yep, I get more excited all the time.



An interview with Dr. Sandra Herbage. Former Cancer Victim

Dr. Herbage is an MD, as well as holding a degree in Homeopathy. She is the Medical Director for the Madison Holistic Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Herbage told us she diagnosed herself with breast cancer in October, 2001. Following surgery, the reports indicated that all malignant tissue had been removed ... everything looked clean and nothing had spread. So Dr. Herbage elected to have no chemo, no radiation. Instead, she began an herbal program, and then, because she was not anxious ... settled down into a
standard herbal program, setting aside the intense herbs.

In February, Dr. Herbage again had a blood test ... a lump had shown up in the breast, and the blood test revealed that she still had cancer! She went back on the intense herbal program; however, the herbs began hurting her stomach ... she developed an ulcer and the stomach pain was so bad that she couldn't eat, and finally had to stop taking the herbs. She had run out of options, and had a long talk with the Lord, asking for direction ... "I don't know what to do."

In April, her husband who was away on a trip brought back some Miracle II. He had used it for his chronic pain, and it went away. He suggested she try it for the breast cancer. Well! This unimpressive little bottle ... this "inexpensive cure-all" did not catch her attention, and she disregarded it. However, her husband kept calling, asking her if she had taken it. Finally,
to keep peace in the family ... she condescended to take 7 drops. Dr. Herbage took 7 drops for 7 days. The next week she had another blood test. It was "Normal." Yes, after one week, the blood test was Normal and the lump had gone away! It took her a while to comprehend this. Finally, after one week, when she really understood that she was cured, she read Amazing Grace. She couldn't sleep that night. And now, she turns to Miracle II for everything!

When the breast cancer had been cured after one week of 7 drops, the reading was "Normal" -- 100, just on the borderline, but... "Normal." Five weeks later, still adjusting to her Miracle, Dr. Herbage had another blood test done. This time, it was fully in the "Normal" range ... it was 60!

One of Dr. Herbage's breast cancer patients had a mastectomy, followed by radiation. She was so sick after all of this trauma, and had another blood test: 220. Cancer still very active. She went on an alternative program. Another blood test: 180. Cancer still active. Dr. Herbage then got her on 7 drops of Miracle II. One month later she came in for another blood test: 41. No Cancer!

Dr. Herbage's mother is a Diabetic. She got on Miracle II for one month and found it was definitely lowering the blood sugar ... so much so, that it is making her insulin hard to regulate.

Another Diabetes patient, not on insulin, started on Miracle II. He found that the 7 drops did not do it, but ... 10 to 11 drops DID lower his blood sugar ... dropping 10 to 15 points each time!

There was a discussion about cataracts. Dr. Herbage had a patient using 6 to 7 drops in the eye, but it was running out. It was suggested he try an eye cup, as Clayton recommends. Jerry Kraft told his story of improvement of Glaucoma, as well as damaged tissue.

Dr. Herbage told of a patient with sinusitis, who she had just put on Miracle II, when she left for a trip. While she was away, no sinus. But, as soon as she got home, it started. Then she remember ... got out the Miracle II, took 7 drops ... no headache! Other pain also dropped by 25% to 50%.

Dr. Herbage told of skin improvements after taking the baths. She is still amazed that for almost everyone and their problems, she has one answer: Miracle II!

Dr. Herbage was particularly impressed with Miracle II helping her daughter's Fibromyalgia. Her daughter had just had a 3-day "flare." She was in bed. 7 drops of Miracle II, and the next morning she was 70% better!

Dr. Herbage thought one time that she had a fever. Then, she realized her circulation had kicked in ... this was nice, normal, body warmth ... instead of her usual cold skin.

One patient with Fibromyalgia was so impressed with the immediate pain results, she purchased two gallons!

As to arthritic pain ... the Gel lessens the pain. And yes, it does come back. Then more Gel. However, the baseline is getting better, and over time, less meds are needed.

One patient with a bad skin problem was told to bathe in Miracle II. He complained he didn't like that "Soap" -- when he dried off, the towel TURNED BLACK! Dr. Herbage commented on the wonder of "Anything that can pull stuff out of our body like that! Amazing!

Asked if Miracle II could help a friend with Colon Cancer, Dr. Herbage said "There is always hope. I just tell them, 'I don't know what this will do for you, but it has helped a lot of people."

Dr. Herbage also commented on people getting on Miracle II after having chemo. "If they take a Miracle II bath, have them then step into the shower and rinse the Miracle II off. If they leave it on, it will continue to pull out the chemo and it will burn the skin."

One patient left it on, but really didn't care, saying "It is saving my life!"

Dr. Herbage said that on chronic problems, like Fibro, people can take their time and work up slowly. However, if someone is dealing with terminal cancer, you must work up as quickly as you can ... and have them drink lots of water! I tell them to take their Neutralizer in water ... that way I get more water into them!"


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