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My love for the Natural Wellness Industry began in my early teens. My father had died of Cancer when I was ten years old. I saw traditional treatment do nothing for him and I felt helpless. We had some neighbors two doors down that were quite good to me and they always had bottles of herbs. I was intrigued by this and started reading about and taking vitamins and herbs.


When I turned 16 and began driving, I would drive up to a nearby Health Food Store and purchase vitamins from the store owner who I am still friends with 'till this day! Joan, at Honey 'N Spice Health Foods in Trussville, AL. In addition, I have had the good fortune to meet and get to know many knowledgeable people in the Wellness Industry, as well as several Physicians that I consult with from time to time.

I now have been involved with the Natural Products industry for 30 years and full time for eight years. I also have the opportunity to travel and meet allot of Health Food Store Owners and their employees as I also am a "Rep" for the Miracle II Products, Cinnergen, and Ionways Water Ionizers. In my travels I gain knowledge from many different sources. This knowledge has helped lead me to carefully pick a few products that I know are very effective for most everyone. I wanted to let you know that you will begin to see new information as well as new products being offered through

There are a few key Principles that I encourage all I come in contact with and I will share then with you briefly and will get into more depth in our Newsletter!

#1- Take Charge of your health! Don't wait for a breakdown and expect a Doctor to fix it !
#2- Do your best to look and be healthy by using Natural Personal Care Products (Like Miracle II) and products that help protect your Cardiovascular System.
#3- Exercise and Drink allot of Water ( Alkaline/ Ionized ). You need to drink half your body weight in ounces every day.
#4- Get out in the Sun every time you get a chance, there are no long term studies that prove skin cancer is caused by the sun! Hint: The main contributing factor is poor diet!
#5- Find something to laugh about every day. Even if it is you!
#6- Tell someone you love them every day. Including you.
#7- Share what you know and learn, with others. For it is through giving that we prosper.

It is our ultimate goal to bring good health and education to each of you, by providing real "Life Changing Products", Remember we guarantee your Satisfaction on all the products we offer. Please also remember that Natural Products sometimes take longer to work, so try to be patient and give anything you try a 60 day Trial.

I pray that each of you be truly blessed in your every endeavor!

Carl McCool, Pres.
Miracle Distributors




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